KISS OFF Entertainment is the creative shingle of Sara Beth Edwards.  Writer / Director / Human.  Outsider stories light my fire🔥 these are some things that came out of my head and my heart...


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A 13 minute SHORT FILM by SB Edwards

After losing her beloved grandmother, a young woman takes on all the little things that have been holding her back.                                STARRING: Nikohl Boosheri (#AlteredCarbon #TheBoldType #kadeena) and Charlie Carrick (#Reign #robertdudley)


fall back down




written & directed by SB Edwards    @kissoffentertainment

produced by Rachelle Bencze    @rocket_roach

starring Andrew Dunbar    @anddunbar

Aadila Dosani    @aadiladosani


Jacky Lai    @hijackylai

production design AJ Josipovic    @zsazsaaj

Fall Back Down Cast Characters page.jpg


In the wake of a painful breakup, an ex-black-bloc activist takes a job in a sweatshop, where he and his co-worker make a grim discovery.

Nick Colby, once a fearless and passionate activist, is now a shadow of his former self. Ever since the radical love of his life - Lizzie Reardon - went on a humanitarian mission to Nigeria and never bothered to talk to him again, leaving Nick’s heart and idealism in ruins. A fact he masks by championing the slacker lifestyle and perfecting an epic “Who gives a shit” attitude. It can’t hurt if you don’t care anyway.

Nick’s jaded antics and brutal sarcasm may be funny, but the misery behind his bravado is painfully transparent to his sister Althea and her boyfriend Seb - the only people still close to Nick. Nick’s long run of getting (himself) fired from tedious, dead-end jobs leads to employment in a sweatshop - raising fears about how much lower he’ll sink and what they can possibly do to restore him to the anarchist royalty he once was.

At the Everly garment factory, Nick meets Reena - an uptight, young South Asian woman who takes an immediate dislike to his presence. Retaliating against Reena’s ongoing hostility ignites a spark of engagement that slowly rekindles Nick's blackened soul.

When Reena and Nick witness a murder disguised as a workplace accident, she begs him not to tell anyone what they’ve seen. They are both disposible in the eyes of their boss and the textile mafia. Forced together through this shared secret, Nick and Reena embark on an odyssey of investigation and survival, ultimately realizing they are not so incompatible after all.

Their feelings for each other grow in step with the threat of being assassinated - and then Lizzie shows up. Now Nick doesn’t know who or what he wants. His indecisiveness lays the groundwork for a series of misunderstandings and misadventures that crush the fragile new romance with Reena. And to make matters worse, Lizzie is going to blow their cover to serve her own sense of justice. 





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